As a distinguished sculptor and artist, Prabhakar Singh concocts quite an unusual array of subjects - from his delightful and endearing fascination for animals to life conspicuously emerging love for nature and humans. In all his work he delicately recreates a magnificent collage of glimpses plucked from the physical reality of the world, he conveys messages about modern life that strike a deep chord with the audience.

Prabhakar's work is very detailed with a great deal of effort put into the finish of all his work.As one beholds the spectacle of his exquisite work, one is overcome by its immense power capable of transforming even the most congenitally philistine to an ardent admirer of beauty.

Vaishnavi Murli,
Founder and CEO
Eikowa, Banglore.

When I saw Prabhakar Singh's work for the first time, I was stunned to see the beauty that he had evoked from scrap metal. Since then I have been fortunate to have acquired a few pieces, which I treasure. I admire his scrap metal characters not just for their elegance and creativity but because they distinctly exude life, movement and peaceful energy.

Saaz Agrawal,
Writer and Artist,

Prabhakar's humble, innocent looks hide such potentiality, strength and depth of understanding of the sculptural medium. One needs to see him engrossed with content and material.

Jayakumar G.,
Professor - HOD Visual Arts,
Bangalore University.

Prabhakar Singh's sculptures are remarkable and even though they are often gigantic , sit well in their environment, as if they are a part of it. I have known him for more than a decade now; he believes in simple living and high thinking . He addresses in simple terms the intricate stories of society: respect for women, fight for existence, nature; it is a visual treat to view his powerful works. The metals and techniques he uses go hand in hand conceptually and portray his formative strengths, but also create an aura that surround his works.
I wish him all the best and hope that through his art may there be progressive development in society as well.

Mousami Ganguli,
Artist, Mumbai.

Prabhakar Singh is a versatile sculptor who has worked in several mediums for the past 23 years. His artworks show a skill and understanding of anatomy. Figurative sculptures are his signature works, yet he adapts seamlessly in so many ways. I think that exibility, while staying true to his art, makes him even more unique. His distinctive approach to each one-of-a-kind project is simply exceptional. He listens, thinks, interprets, and creates by thoroughly embracing the subject, immersing his artistic genius, and creating magnificent, thoughtful and emotionprovoking works of art. I have watched him turn a lifeless ball of clay into exquisite and finely detailed art which actually evokes deep, involuntary, emotional responses.

Madhuri Bhaduri,
Artist, Pune.

I had an opportunity to visit Prabhakar Singh's studio one morning in Pune. His work combines great imagination and an unerring sense of form. At the same time his ability to see possibilities in unconventional materials, his meticulous mastery over various techniques and his patient workman-like approach give his works freshness and result in astounding unexpected encounters. This is creativity at its peak, silent and unassuming but truly engaging the senses and the mind,and full of feeling.

Neelkanth Chhaya,
Architect and former Dean of Faculty of
Architecture CEPT University,

Prabhakar's worksconstantly transform , from inception to realization, using different mediums and experimenting with compositions continuously lead him to new inquiries. His sculptures have various dimensions that people can relate to directly. The object and the narration always appear in totality, on the same surface. He has spent a long time understanding human behaviour and nature, and various elements of this forman integral part of and reect a lively relationship in his work. He is as if trying to grab the aesthetic experience through forms that naturally seem like statements. His works from different periodsarevery vivid in themselves but the core emotions remain are same. Prabhakar's work is not static, every moment seems like an endeavour to acquire new happenings.

Vikram Nayak,
Painter and Film Maker,
New Delhi.

I got acquainted with Prabhakar's work when we participated in a local art event together. I was drawn to the sheer variety and creativity of his metal compositions. I have acquired a few pieces and have enjoyed the quirkiness of others.
In a world full of consumerist junk, his recycled art gives new life to 'junk' metal and that is another concept close to my heart.
Prabhakar is a very talented artist and I am happy to see his growth
every year.

Arti Kirloskar,
Artist, Pune

Winner of several awards and accolades, PrabhakarKumar Singh explores various styles and emotions through his in-depth understanding of materials. Although the scrap metal he uses most is hard and rigid , hissensitivity towards nature and social issues lends a uidity to his work. Prabhakar has done multiple projects which enabled him to engage with site specific sculptures and public art displays. He imagines sculptures standing at every cross-road as a monument to embody the voice of the people.
I love his chair series, as it represents a functionality and rootedness that are very much a part of his personality.
Inspired by artists such as Piloo Pochkhanawala and Adi Davierwala who pushed the boundaries of material in their own 'constructivist' manner, Prabhakar carries on their legacy.

Ragini Patil,
Curator-Art Attitude, Mumbai.

A man with a golden heart
Creating softest songs
On mirage of nature
Mesmerising magical melodies
With hard metal
Amazing apple, beautiful buttery,
blazing brain……

Abhijit Das,
Lecturer at FTII, Pune

We are so grateful to Prabhakar for his sculpture. It is certainly an impressive piece of art and an object that contributes to the peace and serenity of our environment.
To create workwhich is so full of passion one needs to live art, with all its beauty, and that is exactly what Prabhakar has done, adding a new perspective to utility and creativity.
My amazement on seeing his work is constant.

Sonika Shah,
Brand &Image Studio, Pune.

During the construction of our new preschool our architect, Saurabh Malpani of Artha Studio, invited Prabhakar Singh to visit. We had a circular cut-out on the first oor which we had yet to finaliseon, and as soon as Prabhakar saw the space he had an idea. Not only did he visualisea beautiful sculptural object, but also one that is interactive in a waythat children could explore, touch, climb, learn and, most importantly, have fun with. We witnessed all the phases of his work and must commend Prabhakar for his dedication towards making this artwork functional and safe for our children. He understood thephilosophy of early childhood education that we at Toddlers Nursery believe in andcreated a masterpiece that stands in the middle of our preschool. We would like to invite everyone to come and see his amazing work!

MurtuzaandInsiyah Rahim,
Toddlers Nursery, Pune

I first met Prabhakar in 1991 at Kala Kendra, Bhagalpur, where we were both enrolled in the Visual Arts Department. Together we attended classes in the “revival” style conducted by Ramlakhan Singh, IndradeoBabu, KapilBabu and DidiJee.They taught us the use of various mediums, but more importantly their teaching helped us adopt an accuracy of craftsmanship.
Later we were once again enrolled together in the Department of Plastic Arts, Banaras Hindu University. It was here that Prabhakar developed an interest in figurative values, with human and animal forms making an appearance in almost all his works since then. Personifying certain ideas through unique imagery, his figures exude an agelessness or perennial youthfulness. Much importance is given to contouring as seen from numerous angels, lending his work a unifying character and continuity in ow and rhythm.
Passing through various phases Prabhakaralways pauses to reect, avoiding the temptations of success and satisfaction, and starts afresh his probing into reality. Truth and beauty being his sole ideals, his work has a purity and ability to stand in public.
I wish him all the best with every future endeavour.

Saroj Singh “Neelkushum”,
Artist, Baroda.

I was much impressed with Prabhakar'sapple series when I first met him many years ago. The consistent journey since then has brought an amazing maturity to his technique and form. Embedded with content, his sculptures speak of an inner, very personal, spiritual self. Prabhakar has been able to give vitality to his works, allowing them to stand on their pedestals in independent conversation with the viewer.

Gauri Gandhi,
Artist, Curator and Teacher, Pune.

Prabhakar is brave sailor who loves to explore unknown rational through his work.

Saurabh Malpani ,
Architect and founder of Artha Studio,

Introduced to me by the well-known sculptor MadanLal Gupta in Banaras, I found Prabhakar Singh to be extremely creative and innovative. I invited him to teach at our college in Pune and he has proved to be very popular among the students , inculcating in them an eye for creation.
His ventures in creating lifesized and large sculptures in scrap metal are very expressive and rich aesthetically. Prabhakar is good at visualising and display mastery in the handling of materials.
With this exhibition I am sure his work will attract more viewers and receive further appreciation. I wish him all the best.

Dr. D.R.Bankar,
Principle, BVP College of Fine Arts,

Truly love the sculptures bought from you.
Amazing vision, artistry and hard work. Wish you all the best on this Artistic Journey!

Manjusha Maloo,

I saw Prabhakarji's work for the first time at the 57th National Exhibition of Art in Lucknow, and it left an everlasting impact on my mind. I found it to be very different and interesting. I also had an opportunity to work with him at the art camp on scrap. It was a great experience to know him as a person and learn many things from him.
I wish him a successful show.

Renuka Sondhi Gulati,
Artist ,New Delhi.

Your success is truly inspiring for all of us. You make even the most challenging tasks look easy. Truly proud of you. Congratulations, go-getter.
We always knew you had it in you and now you have shown it to the world. My heartiest congratulations. My dear friend, keep it up and create a new history.

Reena Yadav,

Prabhakar Singh is one of youngest sensation in the field of Sculpture. I have seen his work very closely since he was a student of Fine Arts at Banaras Hindu University. I saw a uniqueness in his work. His thought process while making sculpture reminds me of prominent works in our country and abroad. He associates his work with nature so beautifully that it becomes a natural monument. His gold medal symbolizes his knowledge, relentless hard work and never-giveup attitude. Apart from nature, his great ability to turn junk metal into awesome sculpture is really a treat to watch. Another great thing about his creations is that he never uses color to paint his sculptures. He lets them remains in the open to oxidize, which in turn becomes natural.
In a short span of 15 years he achieved laurels not only for himself but for the entire sculptor community. It is just the beginning of a great journey for Prabhakar Singh. It is my belief that he will climb the pinnacle of success. I wish him all my good wishes.

Archana Das,
Professor of Pottery and Ceramics ,
Vishwabharati, Shantiniketan.

Mr.Prabhakar Singh conducted a workshop for our students. We found him very open in sharing knowledge. He was quick to adopt new things and could spot beauty into otherwise dead engineering material. His natural artistic talent makes each creation of his unique. We wish him a grand success!

Yogesh Kulkarni,
Director ,
Vigyan Ashram.

Firstly congratulating Mr. Prabhakar Singh for his achievements in his bright career. I always appreciated his skills as an artist and a teacher. While teaching broader concepts with minor aspects of detailing, he always concentrated on holistic development of each student. He could identify the unique skills of each student and encourage them to develop it. A favourite among the students, who enjoyed working with him, some even went to seek guidance at his studio. Wishing Prabhakar a glorious future.

Tejaswini Pawar,
Architect and HoD ,
Suryadutta Institute of Design, Pune.

I have known Mr.Prabhakar Singh for more than a decade now, he is one of the best people I have ever met, and I'm truly lucky to have him in my life. To me he is more like family and a mentor.
He is prolific and a gifted artist, and his exquisite art works speak for themselves.
His talent as a sculptor is unsurpassed. He is a creative genius and the way he captures not only the exact likeness of a character but also captures their personalities on different recycled mediums like scrap iron rods, balls, nuts and bolts, and yet they are so impressive!
It's hard to imagine that one can create such poetic and evocative sculptures. His thoughts behind all his sculpture shave a very unique perspective. I enjoy the variety of techniques he uses in his sculptures, seeing his examples of art and discussing different approaches with him. I personally adore visiting his art studio and spend hours admiring his work. There are various such pieces of art that just invite pleasure.
Over the course of these years I have seen him achieving some great milestones, and he has been bringing smiles and great artwork and creativity into the lives of many people. His artworks adorn several places all over India and are most treasured possessions.
I'm so happy for his success and I hope that he gets success at every point. I wish him an abundance of good luck for his present and his future endeavours.

Richa Bhargava,
Assistant Manager - Enquiry Design
Brintons Carpets Asia Private Ltd.

Knowing the pioneer artist and sculptor Prabhakar Singh is such an exciting and enriching experience. He is the man of art, developing new techniques  with a very deep understanding of form, scale and aesthetics.Lookout for his meticulous work with metal and alluring forms with evocative meaning, at this exhibition and in other places.
I wish him all the best for his upcoming work. I will be thrilled to visit his gallery.

Indra Singh,
Architect, Product Designer and HoD -
Department of Architecture ,
Art Development Academy's Minerva
College of Architecture,

Having been impressed byPrabhakar's unique sense of artistry for a long time, couple of years ago I commissioned him to create a few metal sculptures for my real estate project in Bangalore. His interpretation of our brief was spot-on, considering the limitations of the material he works with, and his turnaround time was impeccable. Overall, Prabhakar did a fantastic job and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for unique pieces to adorn their homes, gardens, offices, etc. Good luck to him and I look forward to working with him again.

Akshay Devani,
Director ,
Intelli Homes Pvt Ltd,

Prabhakar Singh, an alumni of B H U is one of the leading contemporary sculptors in Pune. It is an honour to have him as a friend and a fellow professional. His present series is a testimony to his dedication to a medium that very few have mastered in the field of sculpture today. I am thoroughly impressed with the scale that he is handling in his pieces which elevates the importance of Art in an existential space. I am sure Prabhakar's present show will attract audiences who would be inspired by his skills and visual narratives, and connoisseurs who would be proud to possess such beautiful pieces of sculpture. I congratulate him once again for his efforts and his bold contribution to the fraternity...
Wishing you a very successful show.

Indronil Gorai,
Sculptor and Founder- IGA, Pune.

Prabhakar Singh sir has been teaching in architecture college since long back and his creative ideas has always impressed me. He has a very good sense of art and creativity. The sculptures made by him has inuenced many of our students.

Hemlata Budhwar,
Architect and principal-MMIED, Pune.

As an architect and production designer I have seen lots of sculptors work and their medium.
I m proud to have opportunity to appreciate the work of Mr. PRABHAKAR SINGH SIR, whose work is different and self derived style.
In 2005 when I was student of FTII (production design) since then he is my teacher. I also got honor to work for his project for Balewadi Pune stadium sculptures.
MR. PRABHAKAR SINGH SIR'S work transcends thought and imagination from the most simple of rooted concepts of Indian culture. His work is precise example for combination of art and engineering. All of his work need 100% thorow knowledge of center of gravity, counter balance, load distribution and self sustainability. Thou the sculptures are very heavy and huge looks very light and dynamic. His style of working with large and small sculptures with very small pieces of metal welding together to form an object with transparent look make his work unique. His large outdoor sculptures play light and shadow most of the time with sun path and it creates awesome interest and emotions in his thoughts. All sculptures look interring when you look with surrounding to it and show depth and dimensions for your vision. This is very hard and passions work to achieve such a marvelous work. He is one of the Very few Indian sculptures desperate to reecting his inner side of artist like a mirror with his work.
He is not only a caring excellent teacher for benefits of his student but also hard working high quality professional sculptor.
His dream is to create world renowned kinetic large sculptures for India with his signature style. I m sure he will achieve his dreams with his passion and hard work. I m wishing him a great success for future.

Siddharth D. Tatooskar,
Architect and production designer
founder - conception, Pune.

Prof. Prabhakar Sir is a well known artist and a good teacher as well.
He always inspires students through his art works and encourages them to learn art through practical experience.
He guides them to relate the creative element of art with technicalities of Architecture bringing the joy of art to Architecture. His present work "A bearable Lightness" is equally helpful for the students of Architecture also.

Bhagyashree Apte,
Architect and professor – D.Y.P. college
of architecture, Pune.

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